A second Provocative Practice Fundamental is our vision for the future --- our vision for ourselves as an organization and for the success of California’s diverse learners. As an organization, we propose a visionary future that says that we will dramatically increase California’s capacity to create 21st century learning environments of high intellectual performance for all students and to graduate all students college, career, and 21st century ready and prepared to live their lives to their full potential.

And as the premier organization focused on the education of California’s diverse learners, we will judge ourselves as successful to the degree that we assist our districts, schools, and communities in achieving this 21st century vision of student success for every group of students they serve.

Based on our best professional understanding of the nature of 21st century citizenship and the requirements that a global, creative-age society places on its participants, we believe that the following vision of student success accurately reflects our responsibility in preparing students to thrive in school and beyond:

Every student who enrolls in our schools will graduate from high school prepared for the option of enrolling in a four-year college or university, pursuing a successful career, and living a healthy life.

Students will have the confidence, competence, and information needed to make positive choices for their future and will have demonstrated strength and competence in all areas needed for full participation in the 21st century economic, political, cultural, and intellectual life of our nation and global society. In addition to academic preparation, these areas include college and career readiness; mastery of advanced literacies and multimedia, multilingual, and multicultural skills; innovation, creativity, and solution-seeking competencies; social, environmental, and civic responsibility; technological fluency; and strength of body, mind, and character.

Because of the education and interactions students experience in our schools, they will be prepared to live to their fullest potential in their lives beyond school.