Provocative Practice™ is focused on supporting schools and districts in creating systems of high quality education for California’s students, and in particular, for its students of color and English Learners. This includes a substantial investment in the development and application of research-informed high-leverage approaches, practices, models, and programs designed to achieve sustainable and dramatically improved 21st century student results. 

Services At-A-Glance

The following tables provide a quick overview of the areas of support available from Provocative Practice™, the type and length/duration of support recommended for each area, the target audiences, and the approximate cost associated with each service. Provocative Practice™ also provides customized service packages that can combine any of the services below.



The following table of costs is for illustration purposes only. Costs of services are dependent on the specific consultants requested, whether overnight travel is required, and whether the service is a short term or ongoing service. Proposals with specific services and costs will be provided to clients based on an initial no-cost consultation.