When I Dream/Cuando Sueño

Author: Francisca S. Sánchez

Cost: $25.00 ($20 for CABE Members)

A message of inspiration, hope, and responsibility, When I Dream/Cuando Sueño is a beautifully written and illustrated hardcover book perfect to give as a gift to your favorite child or teacher. In English and Spanish, it tells the story of how we can create new worlds for our children, worlds filled with the inspiration they require to grow into their best potential. The book also comes with a specially designed gift case.

Interactive Classroom Strategies & Structures for Success: Focus on English Learners

Author: Francisca S. Sánchez

Cost: $25.00

This activity-packed handbook guides teachers and others in exploring a new vision of sustainable success for English Learners. Filled with a wealth of information and guidance about creating powerful learning environments and comprehensive programs for English Learners, the handbook also provides over 70 interactive structures for organizing classroom interactions in ways that help English Learners achieve at high levels linguistically, academically, cognitively, affectively, and metacognitively.

Strategies for Success/Inspiring Voice: Engaging & Motivating Students through Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Arts Education 

Author: Francisca S. Sánchez

Cost: $15.00*

This handbook provides key strategies and fresh approaches for engaging and motivating students in and through the visual and performing arts. It provides useful practices and approaches that engage students of all cultural and linguistic backgrounds and lived experiences opportunities in finding personal voice in authentic learning that includes artistic perception, creative expression, cultural and historical context, aesthetic valuing, and connections, relationships, and applications -- all core components of California's arts standards. The handbook provides teachers and others with dozens of interactive classroom structures organized by seven essential pedagogical practices, all designed to help students develop autonomy as smart and successful arts learners.

*This publication can be downloaded free of charge at the CCSESA website (www.ccsesa.org). A hard copy can be purchased here for the cost of printing and shipping.